IRON SMASH: How to Build a Suit of Hulkbuster Armor

James Bruton inside his partially completed Hulk Buster armor

by Rich Kirby

“No problem.”
“Um, okay.”
“If there’s time…”
“Whoa, whoa, now hold on a second, what am I getting myself into…?”

It’s true: Despite our enduring fascination with mecha of all sizes (engendered, no doubt, by our steady Gundam and Robotech diet in our formative years), most cosplayers still draw the line at constructing costumes with more movable parts than our bodies possess. Thankfully, James Bruton is not intimidated by a few motors and springs, and his skill at designing and constructing wearable garage kits is unmatached outside of Hollywood. He has been hard at work on a staggeringly realistic and functional Hulkbuster armor cosplay and providing video tutorials each step of the way.

But be advised: It’s a 35-installment-and-counting work-in-progress. James began this journey well over a year ago, and has been delivering new tutorials on a regular basis. We provide you with the first two below:

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