WORLD OF WONDERS: WonderCon 2018

photos by J Rulison


WonderCon 2018 returned to Anaheim, California for another 3-day cosplay extravaganza, once again meeting the high cosplay expectations held by many previous con-goers and newbies. The proximity to Disneyland ensured plenty of Disney mashups, but didn’t prevent cosplayers from bringing a wide range of inspiration, and many imaginative group cosplays were on hand as well.

Krystinaarielle, AliciaMarieBody, Utahimecosplay


In terms of ideas and execution, the bar continues to rise, and the SoCal weather continued to provide great background for epic cosplay photos.

@westernspice (Marion), @spartan117gw (Short Round), @corry.24 (Indiana), @caffrey.matthew (Colonel Dietrich), @cosplaybabu (Elsa Schneider)

Chrisvillain, Kevinallengram, Dreronayne, Some_dancer

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Gallery cosplayers:
Luciferbob (Spider-Kuzco), Unknown, Deadlyladyz13 (Jasmine),
Starkraving2000 (Dr. Strange), Blood.Empress (Rocketeer),
Superxluigi / MaidOfMight / Megaforcemichael (Superteam), Unknown (Sith),
Unknown (Peridot), Unknown (Iceman), BrookeIsaBee, smh318 (Jedi),
CosplayTwiins (Frollo / Esmeralda), Cosplaytyler (Pennywise),
TheRoninCosplay (Kratos), S1ntwist3d, Pixiequinncosplay (Magik),
Stony_bologna (Hawkwoman), DarthLexii (Spider-Man), Chibalives (Nick Fury),
Unknown (Kid Rey), Project_Alien, Robincyn, EsjCosplay (X-23),
Alphaignition / Rei.Kennex.Cosplay (Blade Runner 2049),
Unknown (Punk Two-Face), WhittyPixie / Chadhatter (Maleficents),
Slightlyidentical (Kylo Ren), Xelfi4Ever / Amanda Packard (Harley / Ivy),
Unknown (Wolf), Knightofzeon

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