KILLER KRAFTS: Katsucon 2018

video by Mineralblu

Every year around President’s Day’s weekend, thousands of cosplayers flock to National Harbor Maryland for the mecca of all conventions: Katsucon. The center itself is a photographer and cosplayer’s dream, boasting plenty of natural light and scenery for endless photo opportunities. Here, cosplayers bring their biggest and best cosplays to share with the world.

From ruffles and worbla, to crystals and silk, the depth of craftsmanship to be seen is unprecedented. Ask any of the cosplayers how much time they spent on their costume and they’ll tell you 300 hours to an entire year! Time, love, and dedication spent into lining each dress or weathering each pauldron draws people to Katsucon every year. Whether you’re new to the convention scene or a convention veteran, it’s truly a show that inspires the cosplayer in all of us.

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