SO-CAL COSPLAY: Animé Los Angeles 2018

photos by J Rulison

The year starts off right for cosplay with Animé Los Angeles, one of Southern California’s favorite mid-size cons, which comes at the end of every January. Run entirely by anime fans, Anime LA maintains a very local flavor by providing a cosplay-friendly environment with lots of local artists, designers, and photographers. A great place for group cosplays and meetups, the Con also features notable voice talent, such as the multiple actors of Cowboy Bebop celebrating its 20th anniversary, and voice of Steven Universe Zach Callison performing songs from his upcoming album.

Other highlights are the Fashion Show and fashion exhibits from popular indie designers, with many available for purchase, and the Swap Meet which presents the chance for con-goers to pick up great used items as well.The agreeable weather and the deep sense of community really help create the perfect place for cosplay heaven, and for an entire weekend fans can come together to celebrate their geekdom in relative comfort and style.

More images can be found on J Rulison’s site here.

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