FLAPPER FANCY: 1920’s Headpiece


No Jazz-Age Lawn Party would be complete without this simple accessory of feathered finery!

16” length of 1” wide metallic trim
5” length of 1” wide fold-over elastic
8” length of rhinestone trim
Assorted rhinestones or sew-on crystals
One feather pad (purchase additional feathers to add depth if you feel your feathers are too flat)
One large button or broach
Hot Glue
Hand sewing needle and thread

Step 1
Stitch each end of lace trim to each end of fold-over elastic, with right sides together, forming a circle.

Step 2
Put on headband and determine the angle and placement of your feather pad. Place a pin or a marking centered over where you want your feather pad.

Step 3
If you have purchased extra feathers to give your feather pad more depth, place them on your feather pad following the same shape as your feather pad and glue using a glue gun. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Step 4
Glue or sew on your button or broach to the lower edge of your feather pad. Sew or glue on crystals above your button or broach.

Step 5
Attach feather pad to the headband using a glue gun. If using an open lace as shown in the photo, you can use a scrap piece of fabric or felt to prevent the glue from bleeding through the back side of your lace.

Step 6
Cut your rhinestone trim in half. Center one end under the feather pad and glue or sew it in place. Place other end 2” to the left of that and glue or sew in place.

Step 7
Center one end of the second half of rhinestone trim between the two ends of trim you just placed and glue or sew in place. Place other end 2” to the right of that and glue or sew in place.

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